Flash Note: It always seems impossible until it’s done



“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” Mandela.

Dear reader,

Don’t allow your dreams die. Nurture them and be persistent until they are realized.



What Do Angels Look Like?

Angels come in all sizes and shapes, all ages and skin types.
Some with freckles, some with dimples, some with wrinkles, some without.
They come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers and fools.
They don’t take life too seriously, they travel light.
They leave no forwarding address, they ask nothing in return.
They are hard to find when your eyes are closed, but when you choose to see, they are everywhere you look.
So, open you eyes and count all your Angels — for you are truly blessed!



‘What Do Angels Look Like?
Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday.
Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world when you smile.
Like the small child who showed you the wonder in simple things.
Like the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you.
Like the rich man who showed you that it really is all possible, if only you believe.
Like the stranger who just happened to come along when you had lost your way.
Like the friend who touched your heart, when you didn’t think you had one.
Angels come in all sizes and shapes, all ages and skin types.
Some with freckles, some with dimples, some with wrinkles, some without.
They come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers and fools.
They don’t take life too seriously, they travel light.
They leave no forwarding address…

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Poem: The Chase

Photo copyright https://huaban.com


As I gaze at the playground
In the school opposite my home
The squeals of cheery children rent the air
And I long for those times
When all that mattered in life
Were play, food and loving parents

My eyes follow the two kids
One chasing the other
Engrossed in play and laughter
They have no worries
No cares, nor concerns
As they relish the chase

The adult life ain’t so naive
It’s a series of chases
An endless string of goals
Following in fleet succession
Sometimes it gets tiring
And all one craves is a break

The chase could be fun
When you are crowned
With success and accolades
After a grueling season of self-denial
And work so tiring

The chase could be cold
When all you get
In return for the cruel
Sacrifice and self-inflicted pain
Is a blunt rejection
A forthright statement
That after all you’ve done
You’re not good enough!

Despite all you face
While you chase the mace
Whether it’s fun or nasty
Remember to play and be nice
And like a little child
Learn to laugh and cheer
In all phases of the chase

(c) Leke Babayomi

Marry the Man and not his Anointing

The title of this post was derived from a story (that I consider a tale) that I read of a lady who married a guy that blew her away with his knowledge of the scriptures and passion for spiritual things. She had dumped her former boyfriend whom she had considered ‘shallow’ in the holy writ for the ‘saint’. Later on, she regrettably found out that her ‘anointed’ husband, whom she married against the advice of wise observers, was not as fascinating anymore as she discovered human weaknesses in him.

Sis, marry the man, not his anointing. Marry the man, not his money. Marry the guy, not his fame. Marry the guy, not his success.

Bro, marry the lady not her beauty. Marry the lady, not her sweet voice and exceptional talent. Marry the lady, not her model-figure. Marry the lady, not her ‘slay’ features. Marry the lady and not her sexiness.

Sis, that guy whom you call your alpha-male now; your hero from Marvel Comics and movies, might one day manifest undesirable attitudes. He might want absolute submissiveness. He might ask you to quit your job, passions and interests because he is always suspecting that some guy around where you are working is ‘competing’ for your attention. He could be so dominating and controlling and you would wonder if you are a robot or a free-thinking human. He could push you to limits where he threatens you and subjects you to fear and blackmails. He might blame you for his wrong actions and bad habits, playing on your mind until you really accept that you pushed him to do them. He might take you on emotional roller-coasters, subjecting you to so much emotional stress. He could get physical with you; push you, hit you on the face. He might manifest all the qualities that point to narcissism and you will wonder how a human being can always be right, is never wrong, never apologizes and always exonerates himself from his own wrongs. He might be sloppy with finances and be a spend-thrift. He could do certain other unpleasant things that I leave to your imagination.

Bro, one day, that lady will annoy you and, her angel-like features will not mean anything to you. That lady will say things to you that will make you pity yourself for bringing her into your home/life.  That lady will do something that you consider so stupid and, in your anger, you will wonder how you could have ever gotten to the point of making a decision to take her to the altar. That lady will do things that will tempt the beast in you (if there is any) to manifest itself. That lady will push you to your very limits and extremes of emotions (especially the unpleasant ones). As a woman, she might follow her emotions to take actions that are actually unreasonable, and as a guy who is dominantly rational, you will wonder how she could be so stupid or dull. You are likely to see the most vulnerable aspects of her (that probably no other person is aware of) and will have to make an ethical decision whether to take advantage of her or not.

Be aware of their humanity and not only their awesomeness.

Most people get attracted to the opposite sex because of something distinct and amazing about them. It could be their success, wealth, power, beauty, goal-driven nature and so forth. Yet, we need to look beneath the veil of the charisma or beauty and uncover the true nature of the person behind the façade.

No one is perfect, only God is: even angels are not perfect (remember that Satan was once a pleasant angel who later fell). Everybody has faults and weaknesses. A wise way to make a marital commitment is to do so with the full awareness that, “Yes, I know his/her weaknesses and they are the kinds that can be healed. He/she is committing to work on them.” The trite saying that, “Love is blind and marriage opens the eyes,” is not a cliché for fun. It happens to many persons. However, it isn’t too late to make amends whether you are unmarried or unhappily married. For the unmarried, please don’t be hasty. Dr D.K. Olukoya frequently says that the next important decision after salvation is the decision of whom to marry. He usually emphasizes that marriage will either make or mar your destiny. Go into it prayerfully and knowledgeably. Having butterfly feelings with the proposed-spouse is only part of the process. It is not all. What unusual/unpleasant/immoral behaviors or attitudes have you observed, but shoved under the carpet/ignored? What are your godly mentors and parents saying? What are your trusted friends saying about the person? And don’t tell me that all of them are jealous or just want to spoil your joy. If you’re in this latter position, it’s a flashing danger sign that you’re in a toxic relationship.

For the regretfully married, I humbly suggest: please seek help from a godly and professional counselor.  The emphasis is on ‘professional’ help from a counselor who fears God; a neutral person who is not going to guide you to make biased or sentimental decisions.

Summarily, singles, seek to know details about the person you are committing to. Be aware of their present and past weaknesses. Be aware of their humanity and not only their awesomeness. Also, work on yourself and be a person who is better today than yesterday. Commit to someone who is willing to build a lasting friendship with you. Not every day in marriage will be romantic, but every day with a true friend will be fun and adventurous.

Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed. Proverbs 15:22 (NASB)

Happy New Month!




Marriage is an empty box at the start.
What you put in it is what you get; and it’s better to keep it full so that it remains pleasant.
Make a habit of putting into your marriage more than you seek to take from it.
Some things to fill your marriage box with: love, joy, intimacy, generosity, kindness, serving and a habit of giving.


I am not a marriage expert, nor could I possibly have all the secrets to a happy marriage, but there is a wonderful book which carries some extremely good advice on how to live together as husband and wife and how to have your life together blessed in countless ways. The book is God’s own message to us in the Bible, which He breathed into the pens of men many years ago. The Bible, though ancient in its conception, is still pertinent today in all areas of our lives.

Here are ten references to specific elements of a great marriage:

  • 1 John 4:7 Refers to placing God at the head of your house. Having Him as your chief advisor makes some of the tough decisions easier and He also promises to bless those who trust in Him.
  • 1 Corinthians 11:11 & Genesis 2:24 talks about a total commitment to each…

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Lips Zipped ~

Keeping sealed lips is so important so that we do not make more hearts to bleed in a grief-stricken world. You never know what others are passing through. A careless word from you could make them fall apart.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

If more people would keep,
their lips zipped . . .
less hearts would be
torn apart and ripped.

If more people would use,
their words carefully . . .
less hearts would feel
so dreadfully.

If more people would hold,
their angry words at bay
less hearts would be
hurt by want they say.

If more people would use,
their words thoughtfully . . .
less hearts would be
feeling so awfully.

If more people would keep,
their lips zipped and sealed
more hearts to Jesus . . .
could be won and healed!


Psalm 141:3

Set a watch, O Lord,
before my mouth;
keep the door of my lips.

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka

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Pastors should be careful what they preach. Stop making guarantees on behalf of God, else people will try to use Him. He’s not MMM
“You do this, God will do that. You act this way God will do this for you.” 
Preacher, be careful! People are getting more and more disappointed with God. These messages are producing more anger than motivation to several observers (including many in the church). They are looking warily at both you and God as charlatans.  
People are getting more and more disappointed with God.
Friend, there is no guarantee that if you do this and that with respect to God, He will give some predictable output. Now, someone thinks that I’m shaking the table. Well, I have learned that everything rises and falls on your relationship with Him. Yes, your relationship with the Holy Spirit. If you are too busy for a relationship with Him, your future in God is uncertain. God is too big to be used. Don’t be misled by testimonies. You heard how someone gave some offering or made a vow to God, and got a miracle. You were motivated and did same, there was no result. You went a notch higher and increased the sacrifice, yet no result. You heard a testimony of how some person fasted for three days and got a spiritual gift or answer to prayer. You replicated the act and didn’t get any result. You felt that, maybe, if you increased yours to seven, fourteen or twenty-one days, God would pity you and answer. Unfortunately,  the heavens remained closed. After series of disappointments like these, you painfully and logically concluded that it is either these things that pastors and bible teachers preach are false or that God is partial. You could even be a pastor currently in a crisis about your faith in God. You are wondering if what you had been preaching is still tenable in today’s world. 
I make bold to say that God is not partial! He is faithful to His word. His word is not outdated. Don’t be moved by the recent news of certain notable persons kissing God goodbye. He is looking for you. Yes, he wants you. He is calling you to a more intimate relationship with him. He wants your heart. He wants your genuine attention. He wants you to love Him not for what he can give you or do for you, but for who He is. He wants your love,  even if he chooses not to answer your prayers. He wants you to come to a place where He is your final bus-stop and you don’t have any Plan B, C, D or E outside of His will for you.
In my opinion, King Saul did less than the sin of adultery and murder that David committed, yet God forsook him and declared that David was his favoured one. Was God partial? Maybe He was. But you see, God is interested in the heart. That’s why we need to understand God’s ways. David was a man with a broken and contrite heart. When Saul’s sin was exposed to him, he replied, “I have sinned. But please honour me before the elders of my people and before Israel…” (1 Samuel 15:30). However, when David’s sin was brought to his awareness, he said, “I have sinned against the Lord” (2 Samuel 12:13). “Have mercy upon me O God… Against you, you only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight” (Psalm 51:1, 4). So, if you were God, who would have found favour with you – Saul or David? 
The key question  is, ‘What is the state of your heart?’ How is your relationship with Jesus? Do you give Him time in worship, prayer and the study of His word? Do you seek him genuinely? Or is your prayer life all about, ‘give me this or that, kill my enemies, do not put me to shame…etc?’ Are you really interested in finding out more about Him, His likes and dislikes, His ways of relating with men, the secrets to the manifestation of His glory on the earth? 
When God disappoints us, it’s not because He is incapable, it’s  rather a sign that we don’t know and understand Him as we ought to.
What is your motivation for going to church or calling yourself a Christian? Were you raised in a Christian family and are yet to find out who God is for yourself? Did a problem or personal crisis bring you to God and He solved it for you? After sometime with Him, He  wants you to  know Him more closely; to learn and understand who He is by study, fellowship with believers, prayer and revelation by the Holy Spirit.
In conclusion, when God disappoints us, it’s not because He is incapable, it’s  rather a sign that we don’t know and understand Him as we ought to.
Think on this.

My Experience at 2019 IEEE Power Africa Conference


I participated in the 2019 IEEE PowerAfrica Conference (August 20-23) in Abuja at three levels of engagement: as a member of the organizing committee, a researcher and an IEEE Smart Village awardee.

As a member of the organizing committee, I worked as the Digital Publicity Chair and Publicity Co-Chair. I was responsible for the the implementation of a publicity strategy that covered Africa, Europe and the Middle East (IEEE Region 8) over an eight-month period. I also led the engagement of foreign and local media organizations for conference publicity. In the end, due to the combined efforts of the conference leadership and volunteers, we had more than 300 delegates from 38 countries in attendance. I appreciate the Publicity Chair (Engr Isaac Adekanye) who gave me a free rein.

IMG-20190824-WA0016I also presented two first-authored papers. The first on the solutions to challenges hampering renewable microgrid expansion across energy-impoverished Sub-Sahara Africa. We proposed cogent lessons drawn from several failed and successful projects implemented in the recent past across the region. The second paper was a review of energy efficiency in unmanned aircraft systems.



The IEEE Smart Village (ISV) program was the most stimulating part of the conference for me. While the conference spanned three days, ISV was a six-day intensive program. ISV is a flagship intervention of the IEEE Foundation to solve the problems of energy, entrepreneurship and education in underserved communities across the globe. Several ISV ambassadors, leaders and partners from more than fifteen countries in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia were present to share their experiences, provide updates on their projects and receive guidance and support from the ISV leadership. I learned of pitfalls that almost everyone working on the theme topics could make and how to avoid them. The knowledge shared, lessons learned and network created will remain valuable in my quest to see green energy and sustainable development thrive in Africa. Thanks to Robin Podmore, Rajan Kapur, Dave Kankam and Michael Wilson for such outstanding work and passion. Quoting Robin, “If I were still a young man I wouldn’t leave New Zealand where I grew up for the United States. There are now bigger and more exciting opportunities in the villages than in the cities. We need to encourage our young people to stay in the villages and solve the challenges there.”

IMG-20190824-WA0004Many may never know the amazing extensive, life-changing work that IEEE is doing in Africa through IEEE PES, IEEE Smart Village, IEEE SIGHT and IEEE HAC. However, this conference distilled all those levels of engagement.


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Shine Your Shine

By Leke Babayomi

Life is a race
We are left in a maze
In our quest for the ace

Alas! We forget
Non has DNA like us fashioned
You are the best version of you formed

Look up at the stars
All shining at different strengths
Yet each one is a glowing light, a star

You were born a star
But will be unstarred
Unless you burn as a star

Get lit up by your passion
Get on fire pursuing one purpose
That makes your heart palpitate

Stars socialize in a constellation
Your unique strength is your consolation
To fraternize with those who have consummation

When you see someone else shine
Don’t your light hide in a shroud
In a fit of shamefacedness

Within you lies a treasure mine
That only gets better with time as wine
So, walk tall and shine your shine!

(c) Leke Babayomi 2018

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