In this generation, we have a huge problem with an entitlement mentality (just like I posted here recently). Many young people want to receive, but hardly ask what they can do to make things better.

In the same light, many people do not enjoy prayer anymore because, for them, it is a time to remind the Lord of what he is yet to give to them. Their prayer lives have become a time to nag at the Lord. Imagine how marriage would be if every time you had a conversation with your spouse, and all they had to say was let you know your shortcomings. Well, very soon, they would avoid each other until the marriage crashed, due to lack of communication. I think we ought to also think a lot about what we can do beyond the usual to make the Lord pleased, and proud of us. Pastor E.A. Adeboye’s experience, as he told it in Open Heavens Daily Devotional (June 12, 2020) sheds some light on this.

“While the government of Nigeria was planning for the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), it occurred to me that, since it was going to be a public holiday, I could gather students to study the Bible, pray and dance for Jesus instead. I got the necessary information and approvals, they wrote letters to the schools. However, I did not have money to post the letters, not to mention feeding and accommodating the students, as I had promised. A friend had offered his savings of N4,000 but we still needed more, so I had to sell my car. That programme which started small is now known all over the world as the RCCG Congress. I was not even the General Overseer then, just a Christian who wanted to lift Jesus’ name above all else.
In 1998, a politician claimed he could gather two million people in a place. I thought: “If he can gather two million people for himself, we can gather four million people for God.” So Lekki ’98 held and by God’s grace, over six million people attended, causing a great revival in Nigeria.
At another time, a popular brand announced a goal of having at least one consumer in every family of the world. I was challenged; I believed we could do that for God too. There could be at least one member of the RCCG in every family of the world. Today, the RCCG is over 197 countries of the world. As Christians, we must match and outwit every secular dream. No more timidity! Do everything to ensure that God’s name is praised above all others. If you make a move, God will do the rest. Do more for God always.”

In conclusion, the present level of Christianity is due to the blood and sweat of passionate men and women like us. They made lots of personal sacrifice as a result of their brokenness and death to self. I ask myself, “What have you done for Jesus?”

What can I do for You, my Lord?
I want You to know my heart is Yours.
It’s not a question of what You can do for me;
What can I do for You, my Lord?
(Lyrics from “Look what you’ve done for me,” by Tree 63.)


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