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February 2020 Joy


These days, my greatest joy is derived from helping people to be successful and become what God wants them to be. So, you can imagine my delight, last month, when a mentee told me of success after a period of challenges, despair and self-doubt.

Some of my Whatsapp messages to the person during that phase are shared below.

You must have a CAN DO spirit.
This is an agenda that God is in support of.
Only a positive and strong spirit can get you what God promised.
Obstacles are normal. But only the strong in spirit can possess their possession.
Fight through to your victory.
God’s wisdom is in you, fight your way through.
You must have a CAN DO spirit.
Think outside the box, take unusual moves;
Think, think and take action.
Think and be BOLD!
Be creative and do the UNUSUAL
Creativity and solutions flow to the mind of the thankful.
Your solution is right in front of you, [and you will only see it] if you remove the cloud of worry.
Don’t sit there conforming to the traditional rules and expect a different result.
Think outside the box, act outside the box!

And guess, what! The person indeed broke through! I was so happy and give glory to God!

Dear reader, don’t accept any limitation in your life. It takes a fight of faith to see God’s prophecies fulfilled.

This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare. 1 Tim. 1:18

Have a beautiful new month!



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Usain Bolt has a coach, why not you?

Recently, I had to venture into uncharted waters and went to seek guidance (that will continue periodically) from someone I know, who is more experienced than I in that area.

‘Who is your coach?’ These were the words of Dylan in Akeelah and the Bee. Indeed the greatest athletes around us today credit their success to not only the remarkable talent that they were blessed with, but also the coaches who discipline and help them reach their potential.

Ours is the independent generation. Gen Y and Gen Z possess skills and smartness that stupefy our parents. We have excelled at what the older generation thought impossible and appear to know it all. We seem to learn whatever we want by googling it or enrolling for some online course on Coursera or EdX. bolt-speed

However, I learned a lesson during the London 2012 Olympics that has remained with me ever since. Usain Bolt, who is the most successful sprinter in human history, when asked his plans for the future after his Olympics success said, ‘My coach and I will discuss what we need to.’  He had learned to defer to the leadership of a coach in his life and career. Bolt had credited his achievement in setting three world records at the previous Olympics in Beijing to the same coach, Glen Mills.

Therefore, no matter how talented you are, involving a coach in your life will help you reach the highest attainments faster than you ever imagined.

Applications of coaching

  • career
  • personal finance
  • marriage
  • entrepreneurship
  • spiritual growth and ministerial calling
  • health and fitness etc.

How to choose a coach – without paying a dime 

  • Your coach need not be a world-class player or achiever. (Bolt’s coach never won a world-class medal when he was an athlete.) Let it simply be someone who has won your respect and to whom you can easily submit yourself to their guidance. There is no point in choosing a coach you won’t listen to!
  • Choose someone you have access to. Don’t tell me that Zuckerberg or Dangote is your coach in business!
  • Choose a coach who will give you time and teach you the tricks you need to fly. If you realize that the person you chose is too busy. Go for someone else.
  • Avoid someone who will not tell you the hard truth. What’s the use in hearing what is pleasing if it will not be helpful in the end?

In conclusion, Google is not sufficient to make you reach your potential. Reading good books too is not adequate either. So, I ask you, ‘Who is your coach?’ 

In what other areas can we apply coaching/mentorship? Do you have other insights about coaching? Please feel free to share.

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