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As we anticipate 2016…


As 2015 rapidly draws to a close, the memories of the year evoke a potpourri of emotions in different people. For those with lots of highs, they’d relish the thoughts of the year. But for people who had disappointments, unmet expectations and broken dreams, they’re feeling like the year wasn’t just worth it. But you know, it’s never over until it’s over. So, lots of good things could still happen because with God all things are possible.

As I anticipate the new year, I’m grateful to God for the things he did this year. For instance, I got engaged to an amazing lady (more gist on that later *winks*). At the same time, I’m reflecting on unmet goals and realize some of my weaknesses. Since I desire to start the new year on a fast pace, I prefer that great things happen early in the new year. So, I’m working on the foundation now.

Anyone who desires to build a great structure must invest hard on the foundation. If you desire to build a great structure of excellence, a robust walk with God, financial prosperity etc in 2016, waiting until January of next year might be rather late. I think it is wiser to begin making necessary adjustments in your life now. I’m doing this already. When we prepare now, we can more easily attain meteoric heights in 2016.

I trust that we’re gonna celebrate one another for greater levels of achievements soon in the new year. I can’t wait to attend the parties!

Lots of love.

Prayer Neutralizes Fear

Word of God. Photo credit:

I’m a frequent reader of E. A. Adeboye’s Open Heavens devotional notes. This post was inspired by today’s devotional topic. I’m reminded that indeed men ought always to pray and not to faint (Luke 18:1).

Quoting Adeboye,

If you are constantly tormented by fear,  it is an indication of the absence of an effective prayer life.

My experience
I’ve learned that when I find myself worrying so much about something, it’s most likely that I’ve not been praying about it. Amazingly, when I spend time in prayer over matters that cause worry, anxiety or fear, calmness comes into my mind. I can trust God more. I’ve found out that it’s not enough to just confess the scriptures into a situation, it’s important to dedicate time to pray about it.

What’s your experience with fear, worries and prayer?

Leke Babayomi