As I read the book of Genesis recently, I ended up with so many questions.

I spent a while querying – in the manner that philosophers, agnostics or atheists do.

“When God knew that man would fall (since He is omniscient), why did He create Adam?”
“When God knew that man would displease Him, why did He start the human race, and now He plans to throw some of them in eternal burning.”
“Why did He go that route?”
“Is that a way of love, after all?”

Then this answer came to my heart (in July 2020) as I questioned:
“When you query God from afar, you may not understand Him. But draw close and learn who He is and how He operates. He does not make robots; even the angels are free moral agents and serve the Lord on their own volition. Satan chose to misuse his free-will and planned a coup against the Lord. That plot back-fired.

In the same way, the Lord has given man an ability to choose and holds him responsible for what he does with his free-will. Never forget that: The Lord does not make robots who operate on a pre-written code. All his hosts and the human race are given the choice to submit to Him or not. But, he will hold everyone accountable for what they do with their power to choose.”

There are so many questions in life; although we try to answer some of them, we are still left with many unanswered questions. Nonetheless, we know that His thoughts towards us are thoughts of good and He will give us a future and a hope.



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