People don’t owe you anything but respect.

Chinedu Ihekwoaba wrote this piece, worthy of learning from.

People don’t owe you anything but respect.

I am tired of some people acting like they deserve this or that from you. Many of them will even go about shaming you in public for not helping them. Helping someone is a choice. Honestly, I have been guilty of that in the past.

I used to have this sense of entitlement. It made me bitter towards the people I presumed would help me.

Later on, I realized that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Because he smiles and never complains doesn’t mean he doesn’t go through pains.

He just learns to rock and roll with the flow. We all can do exceedingly great for ourselves when we learn to mind our own business and work hard.

God rewards the work of our hands. Save yourself the stress of hating on a person working hard and carrying his burden.

Help yourself by carrying your own burden. Everyone is going through a lot already, don’t try to add yours to them. It is not their business to help you. It is your business to help yourself.

G-Heart: A Poem


Life is not unidirectional
Life is not a straight line
Life is not a bed of roses

Sometimes it’s sweet
Sometimes it’s sour
Sometimes it satisfies
Sometimes it sucks

But whatever life presents to you
You could choose gratefulness
You could choose grudginess

Choose joy and you will be lighter
Choose anger and you will be darker
Choose joy and your sight will be clearer
Choose anger and your sight will be dimmer
Choose joy and your character will grow
Choose anger and your character will shrink
Choose joy and you will be inspiring
Choose anger and you will be pitiful

Which G fills  your heart?
Grate-full or Grudge-full?

Inspired by the true life story of a man whom I know. After he arrived home from a trip, he was informed that his only car had been stolen during his absence. His surprising reply was, “Thank God!” When prodded further, “Why will you thank God about a disappointment?” He said,”I thank God we have something that people desire enough to steal. I thank God that it is not us who are going about stealing from others.” It was from Him that I learned, “If you have lost anything, be thankful that you haven’t lost everything.”

So, dear friend, what have you lost? What pains have you experienced in recent times? Choose to remain thankful and in the end, God will be glorified. He will turn everything around in your favor.