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I started this series by stating that, “being rich won’t make you successful.”

Later, I said that success is finding out what you were made to do and getting just that done, while your breath lasts.

In this post, I will conclude the series.

Greatness is indeed better than riches! Not all rich people are great, and not all great people are rich. But I believe that with a little bit of financial education, no great person will end up being poor. Besides, among the top 10 voted as the most significant figures in history, greatest Africans in history, most influential Jews in history, greatest Britons of all time, none was voted because of their wealth. In fact, some of them could not be considered rich by this world’s standards.mandeka

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In my opinion, it’s better to pursue greatness than riches. Greatness speaks of excellence, impeccable character and lasting impact. Therefore I will prefer to lay down my life to be great than kill myself for riches.

Wealth is not the end in itself, but is a by-product in the pursuit of greatness. Thus, I encourage you to aim to be a:

  • great teacher
  • great entrepreneur
  • great scientist
  • great social worker
  • great parent
  • great engineer
  • great pastor
  • great (wo)man in the sight of God etc

…than to try be the RICHEST MAN ON EARTH.

We have found out that great people are never poor, except of course they opt for it, or make grave errors in financial management.

Come to think of it. Jesus encouraged us to pursue greatness through humility. The bible talks of prosperity but teaches that those who aim to be rich at all cost will end up harming themselves (and I believe many others around them too).

If you pursue greatness and make lasting impact in other people’s lives, I do not believe that you will ever be poor. Instead, you will have access to all that you need and far much more than you can use up in a lifetime!

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gatesI have two confessions to make:

  • I believe that poverty is not only evil, it is a curse! (No pun intended.)
  • I believe in financial prosperity!

As a matter of fact, success means different things to different people. For some it’s about lots of money, reaching career goals, being in touch with family and friends and so forth.buffet

Remember that if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, you will call it a failure. If you were born to be a superb teacher and you continue to be pressured by society to measure your success in life by how many exotic cars you have parked in the garage, you have indeed set yourself up for failure.slim helu

My Definition of Success

Success is finding out what you are wired to do and getting it done! Success is discovering your purpose on earth and completing it. Myles Munroe, of blessed memory, devoted time to explain this fact to us very clearly. In a way, it is listening to that inner voice within you that is telling you what you were born to do, over what people have labelled you.

A man’s life does not consist in and is not derived from possessing overflowing abundance or that which is over and above his needs.1 Therefore, the measure of a person’s impact and influence is not in how much he is worth in economic currency. It is measured by how we were able to use our abilities and uniqueness to bless humanity.

So, when you feel pressured to go after lots of money instead of creating value that gives you inner peace and makes a difference in others’ lives, remind yourself that money will never last as long as a good name and legacy.

  1. Luke 12:15 (Amplified version)branson

Riches won’t make you successful – Pt 1



Now, don’t bury me before I die. Hear me out first.

I believe that it’s fantastic to earn lots of money, drive unusual cars, travel the world, and so forth. These are the measures of success that are flashed in the faces of young people every day.

Nonetheless, I think we’re missing something out in our definition of success. We’re guilty of a logical fallacy called hasty generalization. Consider the following examples:

  1. Because the guy who crashed into my car this morning is a 23-year old, therefore all 23-year old men are reckless drivers.
  2. James earns lots of money. So James is a successful guy.

Examples 1 and 2 are similar because the conclusion was reached before we gathered sufficient facts to back up our claim.

Someone (probably not Einstein) said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


Therefore, if we generalise the standard of success in life to be the ability to climb trees, only arboreal animals will be termed successful.

Similarly, concerning riches, when we put an absolute parameter for success in life as the amount of money a person is worth or makes, we are excluding other parameters that measure success in other areas of life.

In December 2013, Time magazine created a list of the most significant figures in history. Although the list is controversial, the first five names in the list were Jesus, Napoleon, Mohammad, Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln. Many of those featured on the list were never considered among the richest in their time. However, they were considered influential in their areas of specialization: national leadership, science, literature, religion etc.

In my opinion, our present, widespread definition of success is distracting. This wrong definition is the reason that some persons (especially males and young people) are under unnecessary pressure to make money that they do not need. Not everyone needs lots of money to be successful! (Wow, it appears that I am puncturing the ideas of pundits. I love this!)

So, what is success? This will be the subject of my next post! Do stick around.

Remain on top.