7 Lessons from #Nigeriadecides


  1. When you get an outstanding opportunity that you did not deserve or work for, grow fast in it so that your feet can fit the new shoes. Else your naivety will make people lose confidence in you and may lead to your downfall.
  2. The people you lead are not blind and they are not fools. Stop telling them lies! Quit hoodwinking them!
  3. When you surround yourself with sycophants and only Yes-men, you are on a fast-track to destruction. There is usually an element of truth in what your critics are saying. Discard criticism totally, then you are looking for trouble.
  4. Don’t bite the fingers that fed you. Honour those who helped you to the top. Even if you do not see eye to eye on every issue, don’t think that you can suddenly grow wings and fly off without them.
  5. The Most High rules in the affairs of men. Nobody knows tomorrow. When bros Jona was persecuting SLS for whistle-blowing, he never knew that he was blowing away his votes from Kano and other northern states.
  6. Put your family in order now, else when you get to a place of visibility, your family secrets could lead to open ridicule. One comedian mimicked lady P by saying, “When pikin fail, he must repeat the class.” Unfortunately, bros Jona never got a second chance to repeat the class.
  7. It is more honourable to admit defeat like bros J than to be uprooted from the seat of power (that you insist you will never leave) like Gbagbo.

Congratulations Nigeria!

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Usain Bolt has a coach, why not you?

Recently, I had to venture into uncharted waters and went to seek guidance (that will continue periodically) from someone I know, who is more experienced than I in that area.

‘Who is your coach?’ These were the words of Dylan in Akeelah and the Bee. Indeed the greatest athletes around us today credit their success to not only the remarkable talent that they were blessed with, but also the coaches who discipline and help them reach their potential.

Ours is the independent generation. Gen Y and Gen Z possess skills and smartness that stupefy our parents. We have excelled at what the older generation thought impossible and appear to know it all. We seem to learn whatever we want by googling it or enrolling for some online course on Coursera or EdX. bolt-speed

However, I learned a lesson during the London 2012 Olympics that has remained with me ever since. Usain Bolt, who is the most successful sprinter in human history, when asked his plans for the future after his Olympics success said, ‘My coach and I will discuss what we need to.’  He had learned to defer to the leadership of a coach in his life and career. Bolt had credited his achievement in setting three world records at the previous Olympics in Beijing to the same coach, Glen Mills.

Therefore, no matter how talented you are, involving a coach in your life will help you reach the highest attainments faster than you ever imagined.

Applications of coaching

  • career
  • personal finance
  • marriage
  • entrepreneurship
  • spiritual growth and ministerial calling
  • health and fitness etc.

How to choose a coach – without paying a dime 

  • Your coach need not be a world-class player or achiever. (Bolt’s coach never won a world-class medal when he was an athlete.) Let it simply be someone who has won your respect and to whom you can easily submit yourself to their guidance. There is no point in choosing a coach you won’t listen to!
  • Choose someone you have access to. Don’t tell me that Zuckerberg or Dangote is your coach in business!
  • Choose a coach who will give you time and teach you the tricks you need to fly. If you realize that the person you chose is too busy. Go for someone else.
  • Avoid someone who will not tell you the hard truth. What’s the use in hearing what is pleasing if it will not be helpful in the end?

In conclusion, Google is not sufficient to make you reach your potential. Reading good books too is not adequate either. So, I ask you, ‘Who is your coach?’ 

In what other areas can we apply coaching/mentorship? Do you have other insights about coaching? Please feel free to share.

Leke Babayomi blogs at lekebabayomi.wordpress.com

Follow him on twitter @lekebabayomi

Brace yourself to purchase a copy of his soon-to-be-released book: “The Silent Killer.”

Women, Respect Your Men

This post by Mrs Spike resonates with me. Hope you enjoy it too.

mrs. spike

I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand, but apparently I have an opinion about this.

I woke up, wide-awake, at 6:00 this morning. I made some coffee and cleaned the kitchen. Spike came out and joined me at about 6:30. He usually gets up about that time, but he doesn’t usually speak. I don’t either, but I was somewhat chatty this morning, talking about the book my friends and I are reading: The Scarlet Thread. I like Francine Rivers, especially Redeeming Love, but I’m having a hard time with this one. It’s 300 pages of terrible marriage followed by 75 pages of all you need is Jesus. I’m not knocking the power of Christ, but really? The heroine has a revelation that she’s been a bitch and her marriage gets to go back to normal after all the horrifying things she slung at him for three years?…

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Whats Love got to do with it????

Chidis Blog

So today I listened to Tom Barret’s  Dare to Dream and I remember he asked: what’s love got to do with it?  

It got me thinking. Lots of time we say: ‘I don’t like my job’, ‘I don’t like this course’,  ‘I don’t like my salary its too small’, ‘I want to make more but I hate that im not that business oriented,  I hate figures’, ‘I have soo many dreams, hopes & aspirations’,  ‘I love my wife but things aren’t just working out between us’, ‘I would love to be a millionaire’,  ‘I would love to move my family from a flat to a duplex’, and the list goes on.

But the question is: what’s love got to do with it?  Answer: Nothing. You hate your job? I can assure you that its not the reason you don’t get promoted.  Look around you, you find others who do not…

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