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The Paradox of the Modern Man

Paradox. Image: http://techwhirl.com
Paradox. Image: http://techwhirl.com

Modern man is technologically advanced but morally regressed.

Questions mere trifles but passes over weightier matters.

Enjoys freedom from the physical chains of taskmasters but is enslaved by the chains of ethical ineptitude.

Is more entertained than his progenitors but suffers more depression than them all.

Claims to be richer than the former generations but is accumulating colossal debt that only the beautiful ones yet unborn can repay.

Celebrates those who stood on the shoulders of giants but wants to reinvent every wheel.

Claims to protect vulnerable children but funds organizations that dismember them for gain.

Eagerly signs anti-war petitions but doles out peace awards to sponsors of war and killings around the globe.

Speaks up to all authority on earth and thinks that the authority above will shudder at his voice too.

Rejects the laws of creation but wonders why his society is in self-destruct mode.

Observes the maintenance schedule with his car mechanic but discards the need for self-maintenance.

Modifies the instructions in his Owner’s manual to his own taste and complains that he is malfunctioning.

(c) 2015 Leke Babayomi