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Thanks for your interest in my blog, VoL.

I’d always been drawn to writing since I was little. When I was 9 years old, I designed the manuscript of my magazine for children. The manuscript had lots of drawings, games and puzzles to keep kids like me stimulated and engaged. However, I lost this draft and subsequently changed interest.

Now, I am a growing writer and lead a team of scores of talented writers. My first published book is titled “Kill Porn Before it Kills You.” You can purchase a copy here.

Apart from that I can frequently be found speaking to youth groups in secondary schools and have spoken to more than 3,000 teens in the past 3 years.

Because most people know me as writer, poet and pastor (I serve as an assistant pastor at a 2,000-member youth church in Lagos), some have wrongly called me a lawyer. However, I also practice as an engineer in industry.

In short, I’m a thinker and writer by nature and an engineer by training :-).

VoL means Voice of Leke . Does that remind you of Voice of America (VOA)? Through my posts on this site I intend to share my thoughts, initiate discussions on real life issues as a means to finding solutions to them and share my faith as a believer in Christ. Interestingly, my continually growing walk with Jesus has been the source of my meaningful life and positive impact in the lives of several people.

I hope you camp right here at my site 😉 !


LEKE, 2015

Email: lekebee@gmail.com

Twitter: @lekebahbah

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