Chika Ike’s Celebration of 5 months of #Celibacy


I really did not want to comment on this matter. But after pushing the draft of this post aside for three days, I could no longer hold myself from publishing it.

It is no longer news that a few days ago, one of Nollywood’s frontline actresses, Chika Ike took to twitter to publicise her landmark achievement in keeping herself for 5 months. Quoting her,

“I must say it[‘]s not easy being celibate… Five months and still counting…wowI”

While her intentions for the announcement are unclear, I guess it was done out of joy and sheer amazement that she had never been able to keep herself in check for that long since she first tasted the golden apple. On a lighter note, the mischievous part of me thinks she did it for one of two reasons: probably for the Pope to beatify her or for the United Nations to appoint her an Ambassador for Peace Abstinence. But is 5 months of self-denial sufficient a reason to roll out the drums for a national celebration?

About five years ago, my good friend and mentor got married. Shortly after his wedding, he told me with pride how he “verified” that his 28-year old wife was a virgin. They had both waited until their wedding night. I can imagine that his respect for the lady went above the roof. In Africa, it is still a thing of honour, even among educated young folks, when a man meets his wife intact. I know that what a person decides to do with this department of their lives is their own business and the matter remains private until they disclose it.

Anyway, Miss Chika, I admire your courage and praiseworthy decision to stop the games and wait. This is a choice that more people are encouraged to make. (My view from a godly perspective.) However, know that you can only claim success in this goal if you are able to sustain your man’s thirst until after you both say, “I do.”

My intention is not to tell off the beautiful artiste. On the contrary, I wish to encourage girls, boys, ladies and gentlemen to not settle for low standards. Set your sights high. For goodness sake, you can do better than 5 months! You can maintain a clean slate from cradle until the day you say “I do”. And just in case you have been broken (whether you’re male or female); you can still sit up today and say, like Chika,

“I will wait…until I make my marriage vows with Mr Right or Miss Gorgeous.”

Yes you can, God helping you!

Does anyone out there agree with me?

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11 thoughts on “Chika Ike’s Celebration of 5 months of #Celibacy”

    1. Fantastic. Thanks for being a worthy example and for reminding us that we can do all things that we are required to do through God’s strength at work in us 🙂

  1. I agree with you on this! With some regret, I have not abstained myself in times past. But it is the will of the Father that sexuality be practiced within the framework of our marriages.

    I heard somewhere recently that a record number of the “younger generation” are having premarital sex today. I read somewhere that only about 4% of single people now wait until marriage to have sex…4%!

    In in light of this information, 5 months must seem like an eternity!


    1. Thanks, Steve for sharing your experience. Besides, that info is alarming – that only 4% wait. We’ve indeed become a generation that seeks instant gratification in all areas of life.

      1. I couldn’t agree more! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that very thing myself. People now feel “entitled” to special treatment, and want things for which they have not worked, etc.

        This attitude is becoming more pervasive and is going to be the ruin of so many people!

        This is a consequence of living without God-centered principles guiding their lives…


  2. Hi, Leke! I’ve been looking around your site a bit. Thanks for this strong statement. And for your follow.

    I’m with you on calling for waiting–no matter when that begins. The church I attend requires cohabiting couples to separate for 6 months and complete pastoral counseling before they can be married in our church. It isn’t an uptight church; it just values long-term commitment–not simply in relation to sex, but to all that marriage and (for many) raising children demands.

    Congratulations on having a book coming out!

    1. Hi Elouise. I appreciate your dropping by and taking in some of the content of the blog.
      From the feedback received from this article, I’m also happy that we’ve lots of people who uphold the standard of the bible. It may not be popular and might be challenging. But we must overcome the difficulties associated with practising unpopular, godly principles to enjoy God’s blessings here and beyond this age.

      1. I’m encouraged when I hear the voices of younger generations going against the stream. Thanks for your strong voice.

  3. Hello Leke, I really disagree with the Steve’s statistics. What is the source of the material he read? I waited,my husband waited, my sister waited I know a lot of people that waited and are waiting. It depends on circles you belong to. I just want to encourage singles to associate with right set of people, don’t ever feel nor think everybody is doing it.

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