Practice makes perfect  – not with #sex

practice perfect

I don’t know why I like facts and figures. Maybe it’s the engineer in me at work. Check out these comments by a former sociologist at Ohio State University:

Dr. Nancy Moore Clatworthy was asked,

“But doesn’t living together before marriage help to iron out some of the disagreements that every marriage inevitably must face?”

Her answer based on research work:

“…In every area, the couples who had lived together before marriage disagreed more often than the couples who had not. But the finding that surprised me most concerned sex. Couples who had lived together before marriage disagreed about it more often.”

So, contrary to popular myth, practice doesn’t help you enjoy sex better. Aww. Bad news for those banging practising hard now in preparation for their wedding night ;).

I know that this post is gonna make some people hate me, but I leave the conclusion to you to make!

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6 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect  – not with #sex”

  1. I’ve lived with a few women. That was wise as I sometimes said to myself ” This is crazy. I’m outta here.” Better than a ruined marriage especially if children involved. But in fairness I admit a few left me and I remain happy for them. Happy living together does not guarantee a successful marriage either.

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