#Married men live longer – are you kidding me?

newly wed

Guess what? I just found out something unusual. I’m reading The Bare Facts  by Josh McDowell and stumbled upon a couple of other unusual facts as well. Let me share some with you.

  1. Married men live longer than those who stay unmarried by an average of 10 years (I can hear someone scream, seriously?)
  2. Married men earn more money, taking into consideration the average earnings of married men.
  3. Married men enjoy sex better – still speaking of averages.
  4. The kids of married couples are generally more successful in life
  5. The kids of married couples are more likely to earn a college degree
  6. Men who cohabit may not last long in marriage. Cohabiting couples who eventually get married are twice as likely to divorce as those who don’t cohabit before marriage.
  7. Married men accumulate more assets than unmarried men. (Is someone squirming like me, thinking, “How do they do it despite all the family expenses? “)
  8. Marriage generally improves mental health – while marital crisis and divorce are out of the picture.

Without further ado, armed with the above facts, I am heading for the altar ASAP!

Truthfully, I’m yet to find out why married men live longer. Please drop a line in the comments if you know why.

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5 thoughts on “#Married men live longer – are you kidding me?”

  1. They eat better!….. Nutrition is important.

    Seriously… God said it was not good for Adam to be alone and so He made Eve from one of Adam’s Rib….

    Just a thought…. Since we become one in the flesh when we are Married the Husband gets his rib back!

    Blessings Voice of Leke, I hope you find your rib!

    Annie worked it out!

  2. That’s apt, Annie. Good food is necessary for long life. Single men live on lots of junk food and food at diverse restaurants, some of which do not maintain sound hygienic practices.

  3. Great post. I have no idea why. As a married man, I have a lot of marital issues. Yet, I’m full of joy seeing and journeying through life with Eliza, my dear partner for life. I learn a lot from her.

    For sure, we enjoy our marriage bed with no fear and I agree that married people enjoy sex well in this context.



    1. Fantastic. I’m happy that you’re growing in your marriage in spite of challenges. And yes, pleasure without guilt or fear is one more reason to be married. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. Well i would say that it is definitely very true since being alone all the time can be very depressing, especially with no wife and family for many of us single men nowadays which it is good to have a family to go places together instead of all alone all the time.

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