There’s more to turning 18 than 18-rated movies.


On a recent trip to the UK, an online advert popped up on my laptop screen. It read,

“Use your age wisely. Register to vote. There’s more to turning 18 than 18 rated movies.”

The ad was placed by the electoral commission to motivate recent 18-year-olds to participate in the United Kingdom general elections on 7th May, 2015.

I think a similar logic applies to several areas of our lives too.

There’s more to going to college than getting a degree; get a well-rounded education.

There’s more to having a job than having it pay your bills; make an impact there.

There’s more to a career than earning tonnes of money; fulfillment in your career helps you to truly enjoy the money that you make.

There’s more to money than just spending it; save and invest it wisely.

There’s more to getting married than bed-related events; prepare for sundry responsibilities too.

There’s more to relationships than just having a BF or GF; be there for your friends when they need a shoulder to lean on.

There’s more to life than just existing; find out the meaning of your life.

There’s more to time than just being busy or relaxing; make every second count towards the ‘big picture’.

There’s more to going to church than sitting in the pew; go for a real relationship with God.

Let’s continue the flow. You can construct and share your own rhymes in the comment box.

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11 thoughts on “There’s more to turning 18 than 18-rated movies.”

  1. There’s more to having children dan being called a parent; you should see yourself as a mentor and a role model

  2. Thanks again Leke for joining up with us, your messages are very thought provoking, I appreciate your focus.

    It’s not enough to know about Jesus Christ we have to know Him in our heart too.

    There is more to being Born Again than having a bath without soap.

    Salvation is a free gift that we accept with all our heart and show we that we do.

    Christian Love – Anne.

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