7 Lessons from #Nigeriadecides


  1. When you get an outstanding opportunity that you did not deserve or work for, grow fast in it so that your feet can fit the new shoes. Else your naivety will make people lose confidence in you and may lead to your downfall.
  2. The people you lead are not blind and they are not fools. Stop telling them lies! Quit hoodwinking them!
  3. When you surround yourself with sycophants and only Yes-men, you are on a fast-track to destruction. There is usually an element of truth in what your critics are saying. Discard criticism totally, then you are looking for trouble.
  4. Don’t bite the fingers that fed you. Honour those who helped you to the top. Even if you do not see eye to eye on every issue, don’t think that you can suddenly grow wings and fly off without them.
  5. The Most High rules in the affairs of men. Nobody knows tomorrow. When bros Jona was persecuting SLS for whistle-blowing, he never knew that he was blowing away his votes from Kano and other northern states.
  6. Put your family in order now, else when you get to a place of visibility, your family secrets could lead to open ridicule. One comedian mimicked lady P by saying, “When pikin fail, he must repeat the class.” Unfortunately, bros Jona never got a second chance to repeat the class.
  7. It is more honourable to admit defeat like bros J than to be uprooted from the seat of power (that you insist you will never leave) like Gbagbo.

Congratulations Nigeria!

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4 thoughts on “7 Lessons from #Nigeriadecides”

  1. I think Nigeria has won the respect of the world through this election. Whatever the faults of the defeated President, his concession has earned for him respect outside Nigeria. He could have tried even if unsuccessfully to behave like others that we know. Nigeria you have scored points in democratic practice. Forward ever!

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