Whats Love got to do with it????

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So today I listened to Tom Barret’s  Dare to Dream and I remember he asked: what’s love got to do with it?  

It got me thinking. Lots of time we say: ‘I don’t like my job’, ‘I don’t like this course’,  ‘I don’t like my salary its too small’, ‘I want to make more but I hate that im not that business oriented,  I hate figures’, ‘I have soo many dreams, hopes & aspirations’,  ‘I love my wife but things aren’t just working out between us’, ‘I would love to be a millionaire’,  ‘I would love to move my family from a flat to a duplex’, and the list goes on.

But the question is: what’s love got to do with it?  Answer: Nothing. You hate your job? I can assure you that its not the reason you don’t get promoted.  Look around you, you find others who do not…

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2 thoughts on “Whats Love got to do with it????”

  1. Commented thus on the blog:
    “I get your point that we don’t always get what we love. I agree. But I think more happiness is released into our lives when we do more of the things we love, when we are with the people we love and when we are where we want to be. However, when we don’t have what we love, I think we either quit or find a reason to love what we have. Yes! It is not enough to dream and love things, we must work hard. But hard work is not much of work if it is fuelled by the passion love produces.”

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, aimpurpose. I agree with your view. But in the journey to doing more of what we love, we will come by lots of unpleasant options, which when we handle diligently will open up better doors to our ideal life.

    Let me use this illustration to expatiate. I studied electronic engineering and really love the applications of the course. However, we had to take some subjects that I didn’t quite love as well as electives from other fields like Civil engineering. If one did not excel on those unloved subjects, one’s CGPA would have sunk.

    The most successful people discipline themselves to excel in everything, both in what the love and do not. But in the end, specializing in the areas of passion and talent is important.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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