Welcome to 2015 – “Voice of Leke” Starts Officially

happy new year1

Thanks for visiting “Voice of Leke.”

Wow! I’m thankful for this new year. I guess you are too.

A new year speaks of fresh opportunities and a kind of second chance in areas that one was sloppy in the preceding year. I can also imagine that you have plenty of new year resolutions. Boy, I have too, and by God’s grace we will celebrate our successes together at the end of 2015.

After so many months of strategic planning procrastination, I finally post my first message to this blog. This indeed calls for celebration!

I will commence activity on this blog with a series titled, KILLERS OF MY GENERATION. The first in the series will be Tipsy and Scabashing. I will attempt to explain the reasons why it’s better to opt for an abstemious lifestyle. Also, in a few weeks time, I will reveal details to you about a book I will publish very soon.

It’s gonna be an exciting ride into the year!

Thanks for dropping by and please stay close by.

happy new year2

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